Student stands by the iconic Nyhavn in Copenhagen

合格的圣. 全球网赌十大网站的学生有机会在哥本哈根度过秋季或春季, 学习与 DIS-出国留学 in Scandinavia.  的 说哥本哈根 项目为学生提供了丰富的教育和跨文化体验在哥本哈根的心脏, 丹麦首都.  Through theory-based courses in Copenhagen, two course-integrated study tours, and unique hands-on learning experiences, students develop critical thinking skills and acquire new intercultural skills.

Each student must select a program (or core course), which will determine the destinations of the long and short study tours.  除了专业课程外,还必修丹麦语言文化课程, students will select from a wide array of elective courses.  DIS鼓励学生通过参加体育俱乐部或参加学生宿舍活动等活动参与丹麦文化.

请注意,参加这个项目的学生人数有限,入学竞争非常激烈.  满足项目申请要求并不能保证被录取,学生应该清楚地表达他们在DIS项目学习的学术理由. 强烈建议计划申请这个项目的学生提前与CIIS的工作人员讨论这个问题.

Maddie Ruehl '18 writes about her Spring 2017 experience on her 丹麦的博客.

  • 总部设在哥本哈根.

  • 秋季或春季学期.

  • 丹麦和瑞典的综合招生上限为每学期12名学生(鼓励竞争性项目的备用选项)。. 

    • Note that students can only apply for either 丹麦 or Sweden, but not both. 强烈建议学生申请SLU签名项目作为替代选择.

  • 先决条件:3.0 GPA, 1 欧洲研究课程 或具有重要欧洲内容的课程(最好以西欧为重点)以及基于核心课程选择的额外要求. 

  • 学生必须参加“核心课程”,并在课程期间参加“丹麦语言和文化”课程.

  • Live with homestay families.


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哥本哈根,丹麦的首都,是名副其实的欧洲首都. 哥本哈根的历史可以追溯到800多年前,每一个时期都在它身上留下了印记. It is the seat of Parliament and government, the center of the country's economic, scientific and cultural life, and has everything to offer in terms of music, 娱乐, 和夜生活. It is a modern city of one and a half million inhabitants, 然而,它仍然有一种在大城市中罕见的放松和热情的小镇氛围. Students have the chance not only to ‘see', 而是通过参加在比利时等地的游学活动,在欧洲背景下发现和理解关键的全球问题, 芬兰,  英格兰, 德国, 和波兰.



St. 全球网赌十大网站 students must:

  • Enroll in a full course load, 15 credit hours - typically five courses
  • Enroll in a core course and a Danish Language and Culture course

学生从下面的列表中选择一个项目,并注册相关的必修课程. (Note some programs may require two courses; students may not enroll in more than one core course).  在接受课程后完成DIS注册之前,不保证特定核心课程的注册.

Students also choose from a variety of elective courses.  一般, each course in 丹麦 is worth 3 credits, but courses in architecture and design program may be worth 6 credits. 在研究课程时, 学生必须密切注意每门课程和实验的学分, keeping in mind that students must register for a minimum of 15 credits. 这不是超载.

DIS core courses span a wide variety of academic interests-- including Biology, 教育, 体系结构, 环境研究, 公共卫生, 计算机科学, 人权, 神经科学, 和更多的. 

请参阅 DIS-出国留学 in Scandinavia website for further information on available courses. 

Course credit from the 说哥本哈根 program transfers back to SLU, 前提是你已经收到了特定学术部门主席的课程批准. 一些 courses at DIS have already been pre-approved 由圣. 劳伦斯 and can be found on the Registrar's website. Please keep in mind that these are just the courses that have been pre-approved, but students may enroll in other courses as well, and seek approval (as described above) after they have been accepted. You will receive more information about this during orientation.

说成绩: Points are given rather than letter grades on all assignments. 许多作业将在100分以内,并在学期结束时由Canvas自动计算成字母分数:加(+)和减(-)分数用于最终成绩. 在计算成绩点和平均成绩时,“+”等于“+” .3 and the “-” is equal to minus .3. 个别成绩的平均值乘以其各自的权重决定最终成绩,如下所示:

Grade = Points Grade = 百分比



A: 93%到100%

A-: 90%到93%以下

B+ :   87% to less than 90%

B: 83%到87%以下

B-: 80%到83%以下

C+ :   77% to less than 80%

C: 73%到77%以下

C-: 70%到73%以下

D+ :   67% to less than 70%

D: 63%到67%以下

D- :   60% to less than 63%

F: 0%到60%以下


SLU Grade scale for DIS program

A = 4.00

A- =  3.70

B+ = 3.30

B  = 3.00

B- = 2.70

C + = 2.30

C  = 2.00

C- = 1.70

D+ = 1.30

D = 1.00

F = 0.00

( .7和 .3分解在成绩单的背面这是唯一一个SLU仍然用它来等同于SLU的项目.)



DIS课程提供了一个令人兴奋的维度:将课堂教学与哥本哈根及其周边地区的实地研究相结合. 大多数DIS课程在学期中都有几次实地考察活动,以增加课堂教学的深度和视角. 

In addition, each of the academic programs includes a 3-day course-related study tour (usually located in 丹麦-Sweden-德国) and a 为期一周的游学 to various locations in Europe. 实地考察和考察由DIS的教职员工进行,形成了学术探索的紧密结合, 从实践经验中学习, 和有趣的. 你的学术项目的实地考察和游学都包含在项目费用中. DIS提供其他可选的考察旅行和到其他几个国家的探险旅行,学生需要支付额外的费用.



Student shares a meal with her host family.

与许多SLU校外项目一样,学生需要与寄宿家庭住在一起.  与丹麦家庭一起生活,参与日常生活和对话,为学生提供了对丹麦文化的独特而宝贵的见解,这是他们无法获得的. 它是DIS最受欢迎的住宿选择,在学生满意度方面排名最高.   Homestays are located in neighborhoods throughout the greater Copenhagen area, and often require a commute of 30-60 minutes by train/bus/bicycle. 在学期开始时,学生可以选择从DIS获得交通通行证或租用自行车. 



参见DIS网站 计划的日期. 的 Fall semester typically begins in late August and ends in mid-December. 的 Spring semester typically begins in mid-January and ends in mid-May.



出发前: 在学生参与项目之前,CIIS办公室会在校园组织深入的培训. 这包括特定课程的课程,学生将在其中学习更多有关课程的知识, 当地文化, 学术的期望, and other important information. 的re is also an orientation session led by the CIIS office on culture shock, 出发前的准备工作, as well as safety and security while abroad.

DIS Staff welcome students at the airport.

现场: 在哥本哈根的第一周,学生们将参加为期四天的抵达研讨会. Students will be introduced to DIS, 到哥本哈根, to 丹麦 and to all the facets of being an international student. DIS工作人员将指导学生获得交通通行证和丹麦居留证, teach students how to navigate the city, and will provide an activity fair with over 40 organizations.





cii办公室: 金正日朗费罗, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Programs - Questions about eligibility, 项目物流, and other off-campus opportunities.

教师协调员Dr. 莉萨托里 - Questions about program academics.