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Welcome to the center of academic life at St. 劳伦斯 where curiosities are pursued, problems are tackled, and new interests are uncovered.

在圣. 劳伦斯, you’ll explore a wide variety of subjects that inspire you to dig deeper. Whether you’re collaborating on a project, studying for an exam, completing assignments, or conducting 研究, our libraries hold the 资源 and collections to help answer your biggest questions.

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圣座图书馆. 劳伦斯

作为主要的街道. 劳伦斯 campus library, 欧文D. 年轻的图书馆--known as ODY on campus--provides you with the 资源 and services for 研究 and study in the humanities and social sciences. 

With seating for over 900 students in a variety of individual and group study spaces, including seminar rooms, two computer labs, a digital scholarship lab, several classrooms, and a 24-hour study room, you’ll have plenty of innovative spaces to choose from.


  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Scholarship Team
  • Special Collections and Archives
  • 词工作室

Located in Fox Hall, Launders Science Library supports students studying and 研究ing the physical and natural sciences, 心理学, 技术, and the history of science. 

研究 Assistance at Launders

Not sure where to begin on your 研究 project? Our Launders Science librarian will recommend the right databases for your search, 评估来源, and acquire the materials to help you answer your burning 研究 questions. 

The Launders Science Library is home to:

  • Elberty Spatial Analysis GIS Lab
  • Science Writing Center

Located in the Arts Annex, the music and performing arts theme cottage, the 音乐库 supports the educational, 研究, and performance needs of the entire University community.

Study Resources at St. 劳伦斯

Our libraries house the tools, 资源, and helpful Laurentians to support you and your academic pursuits.



There’s a room in 欧文D. 年轻的图书馆 that is open for your use any hour you need it.


Days to Check Out a Naturalist Pack

每一个我.L. Bean backpack features field guides, high-quality binoculars, 错误框, a free pass to any NYS Park, 和更多的! Check them out at the Launders Science Library.


作为一个St. 劳伦斯 student, you’ll amplify your education with free access to reputable news sources like:

  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • 华盛顿邮报》
  • Access World 新闻


Resources in the 音乐库

Check out our sound recordings, video recordings, scores, and reference books, all at your disposal.


Dedicated Geographic Information System (GIS) Workstations

Plot out your success in Launders Science Library

W.O.R.D. 工作室

In our intentionally inclusive space, tutors in the W.O.R.D 工作室 support your written and oral communication, 研究, and design projects. Your classmates are trained to help with whatever you need.

Student studying in library treehouse


What started as a 心理学 研究 project resulted in one of our most popular study spaces! ODY’s third floor features eight raised treehouse cubicles where students can study above the ‘distraction line,’ allowing for a more effective and quiet study time.

之旅 ODY Library in 70 Seconds

欧文D. 年轻的图书馆's Main Entrance

Top Ten Things to Know 关于 the 库

With three libraries at St. 劳伦斯, there's plenty to learn. Check out the Top Ten Things to Know about the 欧文D. Young, Launders Science, and Music libraries.